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"Houston Hearts Haiti" Project
by JazzHouston Administrator Published: May 03 2010

Executive Producer: Joey Guerra

Creative Director:
Jennifer Grassman

is the brainchild of Joey Guerra, Music Critic & Writer for The Houston Chronicle. Assisting him is Houston based singer, songwriter and pianist, Jennifer Grassman. Together, they aspire to enable Houstonians to reach out an arm of compassion to victims of the recent Haiti catastrophe.

It goes without saying that the situation in Haiti is both tragic and
devastating, and it is very difficult for people over 1,600 miles away
to know how to help! However, our dream for Houston(hearts)Haiti is to empower Houstonians with a philanthropic project; a Compilation CD and a Benefit Concert with 100% of the Net Proceeds
being donated to assist in Haiti relief efforts. In this small way, we
hope to ease the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and
let them know that we love them.

A Note from Houston(hearts)Haiti founder, Joey Guerra:

The events in Haiti left me feeling hurt, heartbroken and helpless. I
felt it was my obligation to do something, and rallying some of the
most talented artists in Houston came easily and naturally. This is
truly a labor of love for me and so many other people.

I hand-picked the performers you will hear on this disc because of
their talent, charm, dedication and heart. Anytime I've needed
something, each one of them has been there in some way. They truly
represent the musical spirit of Houston.

I cannot express how overwhelmed, touched and inspired I have been by
every artist on this project. What I am not, however, is surprised.
Houston has proven time and again how big its heart is - and when so
many voices come together, it truly sings.

No one has been more motivated or motivational than Jennifer Grassman.
I already knew she was a fantastically talented singer and songwriter.
But her work on Houston(hearts)Haiti has shown her to be a gifted
artist, dutiful friend and nonstop cheerleader. I am truly blessed to
have her by my side.

The people of Haiti may never fully recover from what has happened. But
maybe these songs and this spirit of goodwill can help, in some small

Joey Guerra

Pop Music Writer

Houston Chronicle


Jennifer Grassman ~ New CD, Serpent Tales & Nightingales, releasing February 14

Kady Malloy ~ American Idol 7, opening for Timbaland Feb. 2 at House of Blues

Karina Nistal ~ video featured on Mun2, new album soon

Katie Armiger ~ CMT hits Make Me Believe, Unseen, Trail of Lies

Miss Money ~ singer, rapper, producer, host of Radio713 and featured in doc Pick Up the Mic

Otenki ~ Opened for My Chemical Romance and The Used. New album soon

Paul English ~ An acclaimed composer and performer Paul has written music for orchestras, jazz and theater art groups, film and TV.

Ren Patrick & Ian Crawford ~ Amazing teen singer/student at Cy-Fair High School teams up with lead guitarist for Panic! At the Disco

Roxxi Jane ~ debut CD, Everybody Loves Pink, due soon

Tianna Hall ~ a sultry chanteuse, Tianna is Houston's most renowned jazz vocalist and performer

Versecity ~ Hard Rock Battle of the Bands natl finalist, new album soon

visit www.HoustonHeartsHaiti.com to purchase

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