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Mike Owen and Paul Peacock: The Urban Jazz Project
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Artist Site: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mikeowenandpaulpeacock

Style: Urban Contemporary Jazz

Release Date: July 20 2011
"Urban Jazz Project" is the latest release from the dynamic duo of Mike Owen and Paul Peacock, Houston's jazz version of Lennon & McCartney. Mike plays piano, organ, guitar, (also bass, sax, mandolin & banjo, though not on this album) heck: what doesn't he play? Paul is the sax man and also on flute, organ, synth percussion and vocals on this album. Together they write great music.

Track List:

1. Smoothie King (for Kirk Whalum) [4:48] Paul Peacock (BirdBoy Music, BMI)

2. Arise [7:30] Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

3. Sunset on 52nd Street [6:45] Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

4. New Day [8:31] Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

5. Grand Master Groove (for Maceo) [6:24] Paul Peacock (BirdBoy Music, BMI)

6. Your Light [7:04] Paul Peacock (BirdBoy Music, BMI)

7. Joe’s Place (L.J.C.) [6:11] - Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

8. My Father’s Spirit [5:48] Paul Peacock (BirdBoy Music, BMI)

9. Way Up High [5:11] - Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

10. Elation [5:46] Mike Owen (OwenSongs Music, ASCAP)

Paul Peacock

Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone, Flute (4, 8), Organ (2nd solo on 3), Vocals (8), Synth Percussion (2)

Mike Owen

Piano, Guitar, Organ, Fender Rhodes, Synths

Glen Ackerman


Billy McQueen


Gianna Welling

Vocals (6, 10)

Nelson Mills III

Trumpet, Vocal (4)

Yvonne Washington

Vocals (2)

Eric Elder

Bass (7)

Tim Solook

Drums (7)

Marvin Sparks, Jr.

Drums (10)

From Liner Notes:

Diversity is a term often used to describe a blending of several different types of skills or people or traits or any number of things. It can also be referred to in layman’s terms as a “melting pot.” In music, perhaps no other style has demonstrated a “coming together” of various styles of music as the music that we call jazz. Jazz has many colors and is often influenced by other kinds of music from outside the genre, incorporating elements of popular music, Classical, World music, and about any other one can think of, yet never losing the improvisatory roots that characterize jazz.

Jazz, in the modern sense, has rooted itself in the urban cities of the United States and abroad. Many great cities have produced fine jazz musicians.  One such city is Houston, TX. Houston has long been known as a “melting pot” of people and industry, with natives and imports alike sharing space here to create a wonderful blend of culture in food, art, and music. Houston’s jazz scene has experienced such an infusion over its storied history. Legends have come, gone, stayed, left, and all have told their stories and left their marks here and away.


It is in this tradition that Houston-based musicians Mike Owen and Paul Peacock have come to explore the music they love. Their journey of jazz has led them from the traditional swing and blues to modern, cutting-edge compositions, classic ballads and vocals, a delve into the near Classical and Impressionistic music inspired by Ravel and Debussy, and now a more pop-based project. The duo, together or accompanied by the finest musicians in the city, have truly become their own “melting pot” of jazz styles; taking bits of each and incorporating them into their own compositional styles to produce something new and remarkable.


With the Urban Jazz Project, Mike and Paul seek to take the sounds of popular jazz and mesh them with their own complex composition styles to produce something interesting to both broad music audiences and the most acute jazz aficionados. The results are borne out in the recording you now hold. We invite you to sit back and take in the blending of sounds and textures and enjoy the

Urban Jazz Project - Paul Peacock


Engineered, Mixed, Mastered and Produced at BirdBoy Studios by Paul Peacock

Co-Producer – Mike Owen

Cover design, liner notes and art FX by Paul Peacock
Back/liner photo by Stacey Crosetto
Front photos by Pin Lim (Paul) and Paper Dolls Photography (Mike) 

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